About Advert

It is our mission to serve you to your taste with our effort
and best knowledge. There are two levels of adverts – public (all campuses see
it) and private (only respective campuses see it).

Requirement for your advertisement:

  1. Design your advert.
  2. Email your advert to us.
  3. Select the advert level (public or private).
  4. Get the cost of your advert immediately from the customer care in your own email.
  5. Deposit the cost of your  service.
  6. Upload the validated deposit receipt on our email.

Our Integrity

  1. Let the colour background of your designed advert be excellent.
  2. Pay your fee as supposed for automatic service.
  3. Use the bank account details listed above for your deposit (or confirmed from the customer care on our email).
  4. For complaints, visit the above email.

Thank you. Your interest is our most interest.