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FirstCredit – How to apply for the First bank FirstCredit loan |

First credit loan

Introduced and managed by FirstBank, the First Bank FirstCredit loan aims at providing everyday people with a loan that is easy to get and quick to access to fund everyday transactions and projects. What’s better is that it can be accessed even in the comfort of your home. Yes! One doesn’t need to visit the bank to access the First Bank FirstCredit loan.

There is also no collateral required to access this loan. With a mobile phone you can simply apply for this First Bank FirstCredit loan.

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What businesses are Eligible for the First bank FirstCredit loan?

Regardless of what you do and what line of business you are into, you are eligible to access the FirstBank FirstCredit loan.

What are the benefits of the First bank FirstCredit loan?

The following are the benefits of the First Bank FirstCredit loan:

  1. It is really easy and convenient to access.
  2. Funds are easily disbursed after successful loan application.
  3. There is no collateral demanded for the first bank FirstCredit loan.
  4. Physical documentation of any kind is not required.
  5. All fees and charges are plainly displayed for your acknowledgement before application for the loan.

Terms and Conditions of the First bank FirstCredit loan

Amount: The Minimum loan amount for the First bank FirstCredit loan is N1000. Also, the maximum amount for the loan is N300,000.

Tenor: The duration for payment of the loaned amount is 30 (thirty) days only.

Rate: This First bank FirstCredit loan has an interest rate of 10% flat monthly.

Insurance: An insurance fee of 1% per transaction is taken upfront on loan disbursal.

Penal Charge: Take note that for every delay in payment of loaned funds, there is a daily and monthly charge. A penal charge of 1% monthly and 0.3% daily.

Requirements for the First bank FirstCredit loan

Note that the following requirements must also be met for the First bank FirstCredit loan:

  1. The customer requesting for a loan must have had an existing account in FirstBank for at least a period of 6 months.
  2. He / she willing to apply must be linked to an active BVN.
  3. You must have reachable contacts.
  4. The customer must have positive credit record with credit bureaus.

How to Apply for the First bank FirstCredit loan

Step 1

On your mobile phone or tablet, dial *894#.

Step 2

Select Loans.

Step 3

Select FirstCredit.

Step 4

Select get new loan.

Step 5

Select the account number you wish to apply for the loan with.

Step 6

Give data usage consent and accept the terms and conditions.

On your screen will be displayed four loan options.

Step 7

Select the loan you wish to apply for.

The loan will be disbursed into your account.

Click here to read the full terms and conditions of the First bank FirstCredit loan.

That’s all you need to get the First bank FirstCredit loan. Note that there are lots of loan offers available and you can get all of them in our One Smart Way blog. Please Share and comment in the comment section. You can also visit our sister blog at to learn about technological advancements.

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