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How to Apply For Cheap Health Insurance with Reliance HMO

Health Insurance

Insurance is payment made that is recovered in terms of loss. Health insurance can never be overrated and in this article, you will understand and know how to apply for cheap health insurance with Reliance HMO.

What is Reliance HMO?

Reliance is one of the top HMOs in Nigeria and it uses first hand technology to make quality healthcare and health insurance more accessible and affordable in emerging markets. In other words, Reliance works towards bringing good health closer to individuals and this goal is achieved by bringing forward cheap health insurance. The term HMO stands for ‘Health Maintenance Organization’ and they take care of healthcare insurance for both individuals and organizations as well.

Available Reliance HMO Health Plans

There are mainly three health plans at Reliance HMO and these Cheap Health Insurance plans are available for individuals, families and businesses.

  1. Individual Plan: The Reliance HMO individual health insurance plan is designed for an individual’s healthcare. This doesn’t imply that you cannot upgrade the individual health plan after it has begun. Most often, after persons apply they opt to include other ‘enrollees’ and this automatically increases the health insurance to cover as many as are under the plan. Well of course, for a higher pay.
  2. Family Plan: As the name implies, this Reliance HMO plan is designed for the entire family and covers their healthcare accordingly. With this cheap health insurance plan, both adults and kids are covered fully and they can get access to the best hospitals and healthcare around the home and school in terms of emergencies.
  3. Business Plan: This option covers the health insurance of the available staff in one’s business. It is relatively affordable and can serve to be of great importance in terms of emergencies. Also, this cheap health insurance plan issues out several benefits to the staff.


At the end of the year, 20% of the amount paid in Reliance Health is reimbursed if you have no health issue recorded for an entire year? Now you know.

How to Apply for Cheap Health Insurance with Reliance HMO

Step 1

Visit the Reliance HMO site.

Step 2

Select the insurance type you want.

Step 3

Select the insurance plan you want.

Step 4

Note the amount displayed and pay with your ATM card.

Step 5

Completely fill out the form that will be displayed and you will be granted access to their approved hospitals.

Step 6

You will also receive emails regularly educating you on ways you can stay healthy.

Step 7

To include others to your insurance plan

Step 8

Log in to your account again.

Step 9

Click on “add enrollee”.

Step 5

Fill accurately the details of the person or persons being included.

Step 6

Submit and pay the necessary charges.

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