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How to Block your Zenith Account with the Zenith USSD Code |

With a rise in frauds and fraudulent activities across Nigeria, account holders are no longer safe. Money kept in the bank can easily be hacked and made away with in a matter of seconds. This is why the Zenith Bank International has taken efforts to introduce the USSD code for account control.

Did you know?

Zenith Bank Plc is the first Nigerian Bank to introduce successfully the account control code?

This implies that when your mobile phone, ATM cards or hardware token gets stolen or misplaced, you can easily prevent external debits on your account by third parties. How? This article will explain all the process to you. Now, there is no longer the need to run down to the bank in an occasion of loss or theft, just get a mobile phone and you are good.

What Do You Require to Block your zenith account?

The following are required;

  1. A mobile phone. Any mobile phone can be used here as it doesn’t matter if it is registered with Zenith Bank or not.
  2. Your Account Number. This is why we must know our account number and related details offhand or at least, it should be written down somewhere.

How to Block your Zenith Account with the Zenith USSD Code


To block your Zenith account, Input the zenith USSD account control code into any phone- *966*911#


Dial the Zenith USSD control code


Enter your Account Number and press send.


Follow the instructions that will be shown on screen.

Congratulations you have successfully blocked your Zenith account and all debit transactions will be prevented from your account. Third parties, hackers and thieves can no longer access your funds. Note that you will no longer be able to make any withdrawal on your account unless you go directly to the bank.

If you are interested in technology as well, you can check this out:

How to Unblock your Blocked Zenith Account

If you have followed the above instructions / steps and have managed to block your zenith account, then you can go through the following instructions to unblock your account.


In terms of loss of mobile phone, hurry down and retrieve your lines.


After sim retrieval, run down to the nearest Zenith Bank branch.


Visit the Customer care section and explain the situation.


Fill the application forms and wait for a while.

Your zenith account(s) would be restored in good shape.

That’s One Smart Way to block your zenith account and unblock your zenith account. If everyone knows the Zenith USSD Code, *966*911#, there would be less casualties and accounts would be more secure. Please share. Someone might be in need.

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