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How to apply for the first bank salary loan – Personal Loan Against Salary

First credit loan

Looking for a First Bank salary loan? We have got you covered.

There are quite a number of salary loans up for grabs in FirstBank and as long as you have a salary account with First bank, then you can simply apply for the either of the first bank salary loan options available.

How Many First Bank Salary Loan Options are available?

There are currently three (3) first bank salary loan options available in First Bank Nigeria and they are listed below.

  1. Personal loan against salary.
  2. FirstAdvance.
  3. Agent Credit.

In this article, we will examine just the Personal Loan against salary option and you will find out the benefits and requirements for the first bank salary loan.

First credit loan
First credit loan

Personal Loan Against Salary

This First Bank salary loan option called the ‘Personal loan against salary’ is designed to settle financial needs before the monthly salary comes in. this means that if you are having some urgent financial needs, you can easily turn up the this First Bank salary loan.

Terms and Conditions of the First Bank Personal Loan against Salary

Amount: the maximum and minimum amount released will be communicated across at any FirstBank branch.

Tenor: The loan is expected to be repaid in full within 36 months. This tenor is subject to a retirement age of 60 years and the repayment structure is highly flexible.

Your salary account must be domiciled with First Bank during the repayment period.

Equity contribution is not required.

With little documentation and no guarantor this loan is released out to First Bank customers.

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What Documents are Required for the First Bank Personal Loan against Salary

  • A formal application Letter for the loan.
  • A filled up application form.
  • A statement of all your accounts is needed.
  • A formal letter of complete / total emolument.
  • Evidence to show that your employer is on the FBN approved list.
  • A letter of irrevocable salary domiciliation.

How to Apply for the First Bank Personal Loan against Salary

Step 1

Get together the required documents listed above.

Step 2

Download the First Bank Personal Loan against Salary here.

Step 3

Complete the form and take it to any FirstBank branch nearest to you.

Step 4

Submit your application and begin the first bank salary loan application process.

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