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Popular NFT Marts/Marketplaces on The Net

NFT Mart

Have you been wondering what the NFT mart is? Well, wonder no more. In this article, you will get to know everything you need to know about this NFT marketplace.

Brief Introduction To NFT

NFT, Non-Fungible Token is a new decentralised platform that aims to bridge the gap between traditional asset management and blockchain. 

If you wish to learn more about NFTs, click here to learn about NFTs and if you are concerned about The Solana NFT and how they can be sold, you can follow this article as well.

The NFT Mart / Marketplace

An NFT Marketplace is a decentralised crypto asset exchange that allows the exchange of digital items via tokens which generate value over time through use. 

An NFT Marketplace allows for individuals and organisations to trade digital assets such as limited edition collectibles, game assets, music files or badges.

 Unlike traditional digital asset exchanges, NFT Marketplaces do not charge a fee for listing an asset and trades are completed via a smart contract.

The Solana Network is building the world’s first NFT Marketplace on the Ethereum blockchain. Which was why i recommended reading the article aforementioned. You can still read about it here.

Some other examples of NFT marts are CryptoKitties, Rare Bits and many others like Gods Unchained, Huobi Labs’ Token Market and the Gnosis token sale.

How Many NFT Marketplaces are there?

There are about 242 NFT marketplaces in use worldwide and more are said to be introduced in due time. 

This is according to CoinMarketCap.com and NFT List statistics. In this article, we will list out the top 10 NFT mart / NFT marketplace that you can work with easily.

NFT Mart
NFT Mart

Top 10 NFT marts / NFT Marketplaces

The top 10 NFT marketplaces are:

1. OpenSea

OpenSea is an open-source NFT mart /marketplace where anyone can buy and sell digital collectibles from any location in the world, using cryptocurrency as the medium of exchange. 

The site was launched in 2017 and has since grown to become one of the largest marketplaces of its kind. 

There are currently over 2 million active accounts registered on the site. If you are a newbie, this is the best place to start.

2. Axie Marketplace

With the Axie NFT mart / Marketplace, you can easily buy rare and unique gaming items within the growing community. 

It is the online shop for the video game Axie Afinity. It features unique items that players can collect and transfer with others in the online gaming experience.

 Axies are mythical creatures that are bought and even trained. These axies then fight / compete with other players’ Axies to earn rewards. There are hundreds of Axies available to collect. 

Currently, the Axie Marketplace only accepts ETH and NEO for payments.

3. Larva Labs / CryptoPunks

Larva Labs is an online NFT mart / marketplace for collectible monsters and other video game assets built on the Ethereum blockchain. They are popularly known for their CryptoPunks NFT project. These NFTs have sold for millions of dollars since 2017. 

CryptoPunks is an industry-first game that allows anyone to create their own customizable monster that can then be sold in the marketplace. Larva Labs also has other projects on digital arts such as Autoglyphs, Meebits, etcetera.

4. NBA Top Shot Marketplace

The NBA Top Shot is an online trading card game that uses blockchain technology to help track each card’s value. 

Players can purchase cards through the marketplace and trade them with one another to increase their collections. 

Users can also earn extra currency by selling cards and winning challenges within the community. Each card is assigned a scarcity rating that determines how valuable it is to collectors.

The NBA Top shot NFT mart /marketplace currently has more than 40k registered users and that number is growing fast. 

It also has an affiliate program that allows users to make money by referring friends to the platform.

NFT mart

5. Rarible

 The Rarible platform is a peer-to-peer marketplace where users can buy and sell rare and limited edition digital music files in a secure environment using digital assets called Rarebits. 

It launched in 2016 as a Spotify alternative with a focus on limited physical releases of songs, similar to Vinyl records or CDs, but with the added benefit of a digital copy if the original record is lost or destroyed.

Rarible offers a subscription model (with multiple tiers) with unlimited streaming of their catalogue of rare music and access to past releases.

 Also, users will be able to sell their own limited-edition releases through their online shop (NFT mart )and receive royalties through smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain.

6. SuperRare

SuperRare is a blockchain-based platform that unites owners of premium digital content with a passionate community of enthusiasts. 

The platform provides secure and easy ways for creators to sell their digital goods directly to fans while eliminating the middleman.

 Artists can also sell their custom branded items on the platform as well as earn a percentage of sales revenue.

SuperRare NFT marketplace can be a good place for selling rare items like baseball cards, comic books, vinyl records, autographed photos, and the like.

7. Foundation

The foundation NFT mart / NFT marketplace is an initiative launched by Loom Network in order to build a decentralized infrastructure that enables seamless and secure interaction between users and developers.

8. Nifty 

Nifty is a leading digital content provider that offers crypto collectibles to millions of customers worldwide.

 Launched in 2017, it offers a wide array of collectible tokens including trading cards, skins, badges, and more that can be used in various games and applications. The company has offices in Singapore and the US and employs over 100 people.

Nifty supports developers and publishers by giving them the necessary tools to monetize their games and apps effectively while providing users with a fun and engaging experience.

9. Mintable

Mintable is the leading tokenization platform that supports non-fungible tokens (NFTs). It enables anyone to launch their own custom NFTs on the world’s leading blockchains.

The company’s marketplace provides access to thousands of digital assets ranging from gaming items to collectible artworks and beyond.

10.  Theta Drop

“Theta Drop” is a new Blockchain-based game based on the popular AR/VR shooter – “Guns Up” by Nexon Korea. It features the world’s first implementation of Decentralized Item Ownership Infrastructure.

 It allows players to create their own virtual items in their personal 3D Cloud and then trade them with other gamers around the world.

I hope this article was helpful. Keep following for more.

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